About us

Highly Distributed is your premier cannabis wholesale distribution, support and branding company in Oregon. We support some of the finest Cannabis Brands.


Wholesale Distribution

Who we are…
We are a group of motivated entrepreneurs with a passion for Cannabis. We come equipped with strong beliefs, and we’re a bit altruistic to boot. We believe in things like Honesty, Humility, Creativity, Passion, Integrity, and Sustainability. We’re happy to consistently and steadfastly project our beliefs to those we work with and throughout our organization. We are a Team of Oregonians at heart who strive to maintain the ethos of our communities while at the same time bringing dynamism, communal business strategy, and a passion for the industry itself into all that we do to help make things grow!

Brand Development

What we do…
We work with Cannabis brands throughout Oregon, helping to connect them with retailers. But what does that really mean? What it means to us, is we’re all about the Brands in our network. Sure, the core of our business is helping great Suppliers connect with great retailers - but it’s also about augmenting those same Brands to enhance their success at every juncture. That’s why we work with great Support companies that are ready to offer services and competitive rates to help effectuate that reality. The stronger the brands in our network, the stronger we’ll be. So, collaboration and commitment to helping our brands grow is key - we’re all about long-term relationships. 

Consulting Services

How we do it…
With great people, processes, and technology! Our founders have extensive experience in Wholesale, Technology, Sales, Purchasing & Procurement, Operations Infrastructure and Design, and much more. Consulting in all of these are available on a contract basis - we love sharing our knowledge in order to help the next business create the most optimal conditions possible.  We’re only as strong as our team, and ultimately we’re only as successful as the brands in our network. Of course, we can’t forget elbow grease, hard work, long nights, lots of coffee, smiling lots, growing beautiful Cannabis flowers, loving our children (and tucking them in at night), doing good things for the community, enjoying nature, being flexible, and embracing change! (Surely we can all relate to the last two!)